Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guest Author: Diana Rubino!

Hi all! I'm excited to introduce author Diana Rubino, whose book BOOTLEG BROADWAY went on sale today. Isn't this cover just amazing? Let's get right to the interview.

1) How did you get started writing?

I wrote short stories as a kid, and realized I loved creating characters and putting them in situations--or messes--and wondering how they'd get out them. But somehow they always did! I wrote my first novel at age 24, which, like nearly every first novel, was very autobiographical, and I'm so glad it never got published!

2) What interests or excites you most about your genre(s)?

I've always had a passion for history and the paranormal. The spirit world fascinates me, mostly because it's so mysterious and beyond our reach. I feel a strong connection to the past when I visit historical sites, and have to go around touching everything to get an even stronger connection. We're all part of history, and writing about long-ago people and places transports me to another time and world.

3) Who or what is your favorite inspiration when writing?

My inspiration for each book is the hero or heroine of that story. That person, sometimes a historical figure who actually lived, invites me into his or her world, and I bring that world alive as best as I can.

4) Tell me about your latest book or work in progress.

In my "New York Saga" I began with FROM HERE TO 14TH STREET, where my heroine, Italian immigrant Vita and Irish cop Tom McGlory fall in love despite all odds. Book 2 in the series is my latest release, BOOTLEG BROADWAY. Tom, Vita and their three children are struggling to make ends meet. It's 1932. Prohibition rages, the Depression ravages, and Billy McGlory comes of age whether he wants to or not. Musical and adventurous, Billy dreams of having his own ritzy supper club and big band. On the eve of his marriage to the pregnant Prudence, the shifty "businessman" Rosario Ingovito offers him all that and more. Fame, fortune, his own Broadway musical…it's all his for the taking, despite Pru's opposition to Rosie's ventures. Meanwhile, Pru's artistic career gains momentum and their child is born. Can anything go wrong for Billy? Only when he gets in way over his head does he stop to wonder how his business partner really makes his millions, but by then it's far too late… Billy escapes with his life, but in a surprise twist at the end, he pulls off the ultimate revenge against the gangsters responsible for his beloved wife Pru's heroin overdose.

5) Please share with us the first few paragraphs of your latest work.

New York City, May, 1935

Billy moseyed out of The Stork Club whistling “I’m In The Mood For Love” because he was. The rain-slicked pavement glistened under the streetlamps. A cold drizzle tickled his face as he plopped his hat on. Fishing his keys out of his pocket, he stepped off the curb and headed for his new Packard.

An engine’s roar came at him and ended his whistling. “Hey!” He leapt out of the way, but not in time. He got hit so hard he went flying, landing on his side. He lay crumpled in the street, choking on the exhaust. The wheels screeched away.

Bodies hovered over him, but it was all a blur. He shut his eyes against the unbearable pain and, mercifully, he slipped away into pain-free oblivion.

Thank you so much for visiting us today, Diana! BOOTLEG BROADWAY looks amazing, and it's set during one of my favorite eras in American history. I can't wait to read it!

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