Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toddlers on Politics

Last week, I was reading the newspaper in the car while waiting to drop my 2-yo son off at daycare.

"You reading a book, Mama?"

"No, honey, this is a newspaper."

"Who's that on it?" My son points to a picture on the front.

I recognize an opportunity to educate. "This is the president. He runs the country. His name is Barack Obama."

"Barack O-Mama."

I laughed so hard I cried. Then I called my husband, who cracked up. No matter how hard I try, I can't convince my son that the president's name is not O-Mama. Maybe I should write the president and advise him that for the next four years, his name will be different than what he thinks it is. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie Review - "Inkheart"

OK, it wasn't rocket science. But there were some really fun moments in this fantasy movie aimed at the pre-teen/tween crowd. Inkheart, based on the first book in a trilogy by Cornelia Funke, follows the story of bookbinder Mortimer and his daughter Maggie. Maggie is unaware that her father is a "Silvertongue," capable of bringing literary characters to life by reading a book aloud. Nine years ago, "Mo" accidentally read his wife, Maggie's mother, into a book and discovered this unusual talent. Since then, he's been searching for a copy of the rare book (aptly titled Inkheart) to try to read her back out of it. Meanwhile, he learns that he has read some of the book's evil characters out into the real world as well, along with a flawed character called Dustfinger (played by the always riveting Paul Bettany).

As a writer, I found this to be an enjoyable movie with a fun premise, and I quickly began sorting through my own manuscripts to see which one I'd read out loud. (Yes, I decided on one, and no, my hero didn't pop out into real life--darn.) So while I wouldn't call this movie particularly cerebral, it was a nice way to spend a Sunday. Some of the imagery is wonderful, as the story takes place in Italy. While it seems to be the latest in a slew of children's fantasy books made into movies, it's definitely not the worst one to be had. It certainly made the little kid in me happy for an afternoon. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Have Left Book Cents Literary Agency

A couple of things this morning. First, after discussing the issue with Christine Witthohn of Book Cents Literary Agency, she and I have decided not to work together any longer. This was a mutual, amicable decision and I will be shopping the Gifted series elsewhere.

Second, my main website was down this morning. I know that the domain host has changed hands, and that has something to do with it, I am sure. It is back up and running now, but feel free to email me with questions or difficulties navigating it.

Thanks for your patience!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Lately I feel like I've been run through a mill. I don't know if it's post-Christmas burnout, or what, but I've needed a break from my writing. I've taken the past couple of weeks off from my own work, with the exception of a writing exercise I do on the side when not working on my main stuff. I have also been editing for others, which may contribute to said burnout. On top of that, I've taken the mantle of Secretary back up for the 2009 board of CNY Romance Writers. What a task I've made for myself this year.

But I persevere! I made myself work on the next book in the Elemental series a couple of days ago, as well as doing my editing. Writers who want to write for a living must treat it like a job and do it regularly. With that in mind, I will jump back in this week and try to get myself back on track. Let's hope the doggies stay rollin' once I get them rollin'.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

RWA vs. E-Pubs

There's been a lot of hullaballoo lately about RWA's position on E-published authors. As it currently stands, E-pubs are not allowed to enter in RWA's RITA contest for published authors, because the books entered must be "mass-produced" in "print" format. See the article at Redlines and Deadlines for more on this topic.

As an author about to be E-published, I feel this alienates a lot of our E-published authors and hopefuls in that arena. I am contracted, so I can't enter the Golden Heart. I am going to be E-pubbed, so even when my book comes out, I won't be allowed to enter the RITA. Where does this leave me? It certainly puts a bad taste in my mouth as to RWA's opinion of me.

I truly think RWA needs to open its collective mind to the fact that E-publishing is not going away, and more and more authors are turning to it as an option to market their work. I'm sure the percentage of E-pubbed members of RWA is growing exponentially, if the growth at my own house, The Wild Rose Press, is any indication. I'd like to see them take more notice of us. Maybe RWA needs to dust off those RITA rules to include a place for E-published work and prove to its dues-paying E-pubs that it cares about us too.