Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Release Date for FIRE Announced!

The release date for FIRE, the fourth and final book in The Elemental Series, is finally announced! FIRE will go on sale August 5, 2016. I will be doing a couple of book tours to celebrate, as well as releasing the book trailer soon, so keep an eye on for details, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates as they become available.

About FIRE

Is love worth the risk of getting burned?
Ethan Sutter is good at running, but he can't outrun himself. Rootless and reckless, he prowls the country, able to abandon everything except his hated Fire Elemental power. Then he lands in Pickering, Vermont, out of gas and out of options, and meets New Age curio shop owner Gypsy Ronan, an even bigger misfit than he is.

Gypsy knows Ethan is trouble. However, none of her tarot cards or tea leaves could have prepared her for their undoubtedly dangerous mutual attraction. More shocking still is the discovery that he possesses an incredible power, and he wants her help getting rid of it.

Ethan needs a normal life. He's sure a woman like Gypsy couldn't be part of it, but she sets his blood smoldering. Gypsy knows there's more to Ethan than he admits, even as she fears for her heart.

Excerpt from FIRE

This close, Gypsy couldn't help breathing Ethan's scent—a pleasant blend of sawdust and something smoky that strummed her nerve endings in a constant chord of awareness. And then she was right back there with him on her living room rug, wondering what would have happened if they hadn't been interrupted. Her knees turned to water. "Please," she whispered, unsure what else she meant to say.

"Please...?" he prompted, his husky voice wrapping around her. His body heat drifted against her exposed skin, or maybe she was imagining it.

Desperate, she fumbled for her last shred of willpower. "Pickering needs good men like you."

"Am I?" He canted his head. "A good man?"