Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spam, Revisited

It's April again, which is of course the month in which we celebrate Earth Day and turn our thoughts to better care of the environment.  It's also a good month to think about those things which, in helping the environment, can also help you.

Years ago, I posted a blog about all things spam - by mail and phone - and how to get rid of them.  I have some more information for you this time, including better resources for stopping those unwanted, harassing contacts from telemarketers and spam mailers.

The Phone

There's always the National Do Not Call Registry, which is your first line of defense against those unwanted phone calls from telemarketers.  Unfortunately, the Do Not Call Registry is not as good as it might be at catching those new numbers that pop up like mushrooms.

Much more effective is NoMoRoBo, which helps you screen those unwanted calls and makes them disappear like magic.  The best part is, it's free!  All you need to do is set up NoMoRoBo and your own telephone service so that they accept simultaneous ringing.  This means that when a number dials in to your home, it also gets called in to NoMoRoBo, which screens for a list of robo-callers and "poof," makes them disappear from your phone.  Legal robocalls, like school cancellations, are allowed through, so you only get the automated calls you want.  The service has been applauded by everyone from CNN to Popular Science, and is easily canceled at any time.

The Mail

Last time I blogged on this topic, my mailbox overflowed with unwanted ads and credit card offers.  It's much better now - and I have the website for you.  DMAChoice helps you get out of those direct marketing nightmares so that half of your mail doesn't wind up going to the recycling bin, wasting energy to recycle unwanted paper, and the gas it takes to get all those unwanted flyers out to postal customers.  That is good for the environment, and good for your peace of mind, too!

Next, I'll search out ways to eliminate unwanted texts and cell calls.  Until then, happy tree-hugging!

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