Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Spam In The Place Where You Live

OK, I've had enough. Who decided I need this many credit card offers, emails with the subject "Hi" from people I've never heard of, phone calls asking for donations ... and heck, I'm a woman - do I need offers for male enhancement? Ugh - what cosmic spam list did I get on this week? And this is with our house being on the Do Not Call list ( in case you, too, are suffering under the strain of nonstop phone calls - just don't register under an email address you plan to use a lot, because I have heard they grab that and you'll get e-spammers from then on).

First, I should tell you that I am on the phone eight hours a day. The last thing I want when I get home is a pushy telemarketer trying to pick my pocket. They seem to enjoy giving vague non-answer answers to "Who's calling?" and "What do you want?" Someone somewhere must have incorrectly told them that the longer they keep me on the phone, the more likely I am to say, "Sure, let me empty my wallet for YOU, buddy."

Don't get me wrong. There are many worthwhile charities to which I am willing to donate. After 9/11, I sold a ton of collectibles and donated part of the profits to the Red Cross - and that came to a nice chunk of change that I was more than happy to give away. I've done some other, smaller things too, for charities I believe in - but the difference is, they don't keep calling me and nagging me to do so. Telemarketers turn me off, whereas I have a good friend who seems to enjoy scaring them into never calling her again. (Maybe I should take lessons.)

There is no government agency to stop junk mail at this time, though there is a way to get on a regulated list with your address that prevents junk mail for a time. (Through the Direct Marketing Assn, I think, but don't quote me.) The feds really ought to get on this, though, and stop this unnecessary killing of trees and manufacture of plastics that will never be used. (I'm a tree hugger, yep.)

Anyway, it was reaching the point where I had to vent or explode. So there you have it. I live in Spamville this week. :P

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