Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shh! The New Project is Sleeping

By the time I finish writing a book, I am usually pretty burnt-out.  This year, I have the extraordinary luck to not be burnt-out, and to be looking forward to my next book.  I have enjoyed every hill and valley on my learning curve, and am very proud of how far my writing has come since beginning this madness some five years ago. Six books later, and with FIRE waiting in the wings, I have now reached the point where I can say:

It's time for a new project!

I'm pretty jazzed-up about this one, and you heard it here first: the new series will be in the New Adult genre, a departure from my current focus in romance and paranormal romance.  I plan to continue writing romance, but for the foreseeable future, my focus will be on this series.  It's all very hush-hush until I have the basics ironed out, but rest assured, I will let you know all the news once I have something to share.  I hope you'll be as excited as I am about this new series, and I promise not to keep you waiting too long!

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