Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wakey, Wakey (Spring in the Garden)!

There's nothing more wonderful than seeing the first flowers of spring pop up in your garden - even if it's overgrown like mine! I've let it get a little wild, but my butterfly garden still manages to impress me.  Among the weeds and grasses that have encroached in it are the first hardy little flowers popping up from bulbs, like the windflower above (Anemone blanda). These little bursts of color are like Nature's gift for our patience over a long, harsh winter.

The flowers above are Chionodoxa, aptly named glory-of-the-snow because this flower is one of the earliest to arrive after the cold season has finished. It's hard to imagine a flower so delicate braving those still-frosty nights.

Finally, framing my stone birdbath are groups of daffodils just starting to bud.  I have scads of daffodils in the yard, and tulips, too, that are begging to be transplanted to a more natural bed.  That's just one of the projects on tap this spring.  I can't wait to get to my favorite garden store to begin choosing the new plants for my vegetable and butterfly gardens!

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