Sunday, February 22, 2015

TV Review: Agent Carter

AGENT CARTER. Wow, I thought this would be fun, but I was wrong. It's TERRIFIC, and terribly, terribly underrated.

This show dovetails nicely with the rest of Marvel's offerings while also managing to be a stand-alone show. "Agent Carter" features great acting, plot twists, three-dimensional characters, surprises for the Marvel faithful, and enough 40's atmosphere to charm the pants off any lover of period film.

It's nice to see a female lead who is neither too tough-as-nails nor too soft. We were teased with what little we saw of Hayley Atwell in the "Captain America" films, so it's a real pleasure to see her talent for tongue-in-cheek intrigue showcased in "Agent Carter." The original characters are more than mere sketches, and are worthy of their own crime drama. Looking forward to more of this show for as long as they want to produce it.

SCORE: 4 of 5

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