Sunday, March 02, 2014

CNYRW Meeting With Rhonda Penders of The Wild Rose Press

Yesterday was a terrific day for me, as a writer.  I knew it was going to be terrific because the fabulous Rhonda Penders, Editor-in-Chief of my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, was presenting at the March meeting of the CNY Romance Writers.

About The Wild Rose Press

The Wild Rose Press opened for business in 2006 as a for-authors, by-authors house, and to this day, they honor that association.  They are known throughout the publishing industry as a "kinder, gentler publishing house."  They are honest but kind about their editorial reviews, and you will never, never get a form letter from them.  Even if your manuscript is rejected, you will receive a detailed letter explaining your work's sticking points - and often, the things the editor liked.  Having been an editor for two amazing years for this house before going freelance, I can say that with confidence ... because I am a very, very wordy editor who likes to tell authors why something worked, or it didn't.  In detail.  They still do that.

To date, TWRP has 1600 stories available, from authors all over the globe.  While primarily a publisher of romance fiction, TWRP has recently opened its doors to works in other genres, including women's fiction, mystery or thriller, historical fiction, and erotica.  If you write in one of these genres, I highly recommend submitting to TWRP ... and not just because I currently write for them.  They have been voted for the fifth straight year as "Best Publisher" in the Preditors & Editors Poll, because their authors believe in them so strongly.

Tips From Rhonda

Rhonda recommends having a second set of eyes take a look through your manuscript to get it in its best shape before submitting it to anyone.  Too many manuscripts cross an editor's desk as "good," but not great, because they haven't been polished enough before submission.

She also advises that the most successful authors are the ones who are active self-promoters - visible online, at conferences, at book signings, and at workshops.  Never pass up an opportunity to promote your work.  Blog tours and group promotions like signings with fellow authors can be cost-effective marketing tools.

Also key in an author's success is her broad base of inventory.  That means you have a lot of works out there, in several genres or subgenres, in varying lengths and at various houses (Yes, she did say "Go write for other houses."  Rhonda is very honest, even when it may not benefit her own house.).

Open Doors

Rhonda is very vocal about TWRP's "open door" policy.  When you are signed with The Wild Rose Press, you are free to bring your concerns right to the top of the food chain if you feel you're not getting the information or answers you need.  Rhonda will either respond herself to your concern, or get you to the person who can find the answers you need.  I have had very good dialogue with Rhonda whenever I've had a concern.  Even if she can't do what I'm asking, she has been very transparent about her reasons.  These days, that's a tall order for a publishing house.

I'm proud to say I'm an author for The Wild Rose Press, not just because of the good times, but because they have been fast and conscientious with me when I have had problems.

And that's why I keep coming back to them.

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