Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Butterflies (and Flowers) Are Returning!

Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons, because the cooler-but-not-too-cool temperatures encourage me to get outside.  Last weekend, I put up most of my windchimes, though a few need repair.  I also started trimming back and cleaning up my gardens in preparation for spring.  Today, I relaxed a bit outside and read a book, and during one of my trips across the lawn, I spied a Mourning Cloak butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa).

This pretty little surprise (and early, I thought) was sitting on the lawn, taking a rest from trying to fly in our breezy weather.  I tried to catch a picture of it, but it fluttered off into the wind before I was able to do so.  (This picture is from Wikipedia.)

The next little treat I noticed is that my bulbs are coming up.  The crocus in my front yard have popped up, the daffodils are just starting to sprout, and these little beauties are in my butterfly garden already:

This is Glory-of-the-Snow (Chionodoxa lucilae).  I'd forgotten I even planted it last fall, so it was a nice surprise to see it had already sprung up.  More than anything, the butterflies and flowers let me know the warm weather is approaching.  Happy spring!

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