Friday, April 20, 2012

Coffee and Cover Art

Well, it is refreshing to have lost sleep on my own terms, rather than because of worry about my sick kitty. Yesterday, I was tinkering with the mockup cover of THE SERPENT IN THE STONE for my publisher. I do this for each book, to give them an idea what I'm looking for on the cover. My cover designer, Kim Mendoza, has been awesome. I'm hoping I can get her for the covers in The Gifted Series, as she has done such a great job on the first two books in The Elemental Series.

Publishers can't always get you the exact image you're looking for on your book cover, but in my experience, The Wild Rose Press is particularly accommodating with cover art feedback. What they choose in the end is still the final say (which is as it should be, because they do it professionally, and they know how to package a book to its best advantage), but they provide you a form with your contract that lets you tell them all about the people, places, and things in your novel. I'm artistically inclined, so I find it easier to "show" them what I'm looking for, as far as subject, layout and tone. And Kim one-ups me every time. (Kim, you are awesome. I will say it again and again.)

So I am happy with my mockup, but I know I'll be happier still when I see what The Wild Rose Press cooks up for my next cover. But all this searching for images and knocking together the cover mockup really just means I need a good cup of coffee. :)

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