Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Weird Beer Names and Marketing

Hubby and I were strolling through the grocery store today, and he spied a beer called "Arrogant Bastard Ale." You know when you find something with a name like that, you gotta take a closer look.

The label bears a smiling cartoon devil. The description on the back of the bottle is hysterical. Totally cheeky. It only got funnier as we read it. Someone in Marketing had a brilliant idea, because even at $4.50 a bottle, we bought one to try. (Seriously, if you have this beer where you live, go read it. *snort*)

We're living proof that humor is a great way to sell something. Work humor into your stories, and you're going to grab a reader. People like to laugh. Think about what your book has that will grab a reader emotionally--whether that's humor, or sadness, or anything in between, and really bring that out. Emotion sells romance.

By the way, Hubby disliked this beer (he being a staunch Guinness man), but he says he's keeping the bottle on principle. :)

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