Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My, How Time Flies

Is it just me, or does time just move faster and faster as life goes on? I am working feverishly on a project I had previously back-burnered, and set aside the most current project in my Gifted series to work on it. Meanwhile, my agent is reviewing the latest draft of GEMINI to see if it is up to snuff. Cross your fingers!

On top of that, I have my editing responsibilities for The Wild Rose Press, which I love. Helping other writers improve their craft and work toward publication has been extremely rewarding. The great thing about TWRP is that they don't just say "no thank you" when a story is rejected. They give you a several-page letter on the whys and wherefores, in addition to a five-page critique and edit of your manuscript! No publishing company does that these days. Nobody. How cool is that?

Somewhere in there, I've got to make time for the family. The little peanut is getting bigger and bigger, and boy, does he talk! He'll be two in December, and I can't wait to take him apple picking this fall. I'm really looking forward to the holidays, because he'll be much more aware of them than he was last year. He, Hubby, and I will get to see more of each other now (I hope) since my hours at my day job have changed and I can get home early enough for dinner with them.

And lastly, Central New York Romance Writers turns 20 next month, so we're having a big bash to celebrate that! If you live in the CNY area, and you've been thinking of joining the group, now is the time!

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