Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hello, My Life, How I Missed You!

Well, I have a gorgeous baby boy now! He was born just a few days before Xmas, and now that we've ironed out the basics of Mommyhood, we're doing fine. I'm now back at work, and getting a rhythm back to my life. Staying home for maternity leave was fun, but I was ready to get back to my (slightly altered now) routine.

It's snowing to beat the band here in NY, and I'm so ready for Spring I can taste it. I want flowers! Sunshine! Walks outside that don't involve snow boots! C'mon, Spring!

In writing news, my second book, FLASHPOINT, won 2nd place in a contest! I'm psyched. And I've managed to get work done on my third book - although I didn't write during my whole maternity leave. Ah, well! I'm writing again now, and that's what matters.

My pal Susan St. Thomas will be published in August 2007 with her book, NEVER MY LOVE - yay, Sue! - and another pal Barbie Jo Bogart is currently agented and shopping around her YA novel. Way to go, girls! Now, if I could just get back to being that industrious...

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