Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Morning Off

As important as it is to keep working on your craft (and if you have a "day job," it's even more difficult to squeeze in time to do so), it's also important to know when to pause and take a break. Writers also refer to this as "refilling the well." This lets you kick back and relax while your subconscious mind takes a break from the effort of writing. It is, after all, a taxing occupation on the ol' noggin.

I had a morning off today, and spent some quality time with the Dear Husband having breakfast. It was wonderful to be able to put aside the have-to-do's for a while and just enjoy the free time. Now I can get back to work recharged and ready to tackle the writing again.

Take some time, even a couple of hours, and allow yourself to do nothing. You'll feel refreshed, and that looming deadline or waiting manuscript will look a whole lot less daunting when you return to it.

Just don't forget to return to it. ;)

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