Monday, March 27, 2017

Book Review: The Hidden Life of Trees

[Shared from my Amazon review]

Don't go into this book expecting a scientific approach to forestry. There are some facts in here, but they are heavily interspersed with 'probablys' and conjecture, along with a somewhat anthropomorphic view of trees. You'd miss out if you let that put you off, though. Rather, this short, fast read speaks of one man's appreciation for nature, specifically, of old-growth forests and the need for them. We forget that while trees can't move or speak as we do, they are living things and should command our respect for their longevity, gratitude for their gifts of oxygen and inner peace, and perhaps even a little compassion. The author has clearly spent many an hour walking in the forest, touching this, breathing in that, listening to and living among his charges, and getting to know them as friends. It reminded me of why I enjoy forests, and while it leans heavily on the writer's experiences in Germany, the message of the book can be taken to any forest in the world.

RATING: Four of five stars

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