Saturday, October 10, 2015

Book Signings and the Introvert Girl

I'm going to be a busy woman next month! I have two book signings, one on November 8th at Liverpool Public Library, and one on November 28th at Lowville Free Library.

Now might be a good time to make a confession: I used to be terrified of book signings.

Like most writers, I am a natural introvert. It's ironic, really. We are hardwired to be shy of people - more comfortable in front of our computers - while writing books about people and relationships. So, what do we know about relationships?

Well, we observe.  I love to people watch. I love people, even if I am (still) a natural introvert. Their lives and stories fascinate me. Even something as simple as what they wear or what they're carrying can tell a story about them. And I love books, so I enjoy hearing what they have to say about a favorite read. And you know what? Book signings are really just an opportunity to talk to people about something writers already adore: books! So I found I already had something in common with visitors to signings, and that they might teach me something about an author I haven't discovered yet.

Think of it as a giant book party.

So, yes, I'm there in the hopes that someone might like a book they find among my stories, and maybe take it home and find something fun in it for a few hours - but really, I am there to enjoy the party.

And maybe get some ideas for new stories.

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