Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cool Cars

For someone who isn't crazy about driving, I have a bit of a thing for old cars.  Summer in Central NY is awesome for classic cars, because every summer, we have the Syracuse Nationals, which is the biggest car show in the Northeastern U.S.  Every summer, we are set upon by amazing rides from all over the country.  Our hotels and motels are filled up, and even if you don't go to the Nationals, you're gonna see a car show at every parking lot, gas station, and ice cream stand in Central New York.

And every summer, I look for my favorite, which is the '63 split-window Corvette Stingray.  Now, that car is beauty on wheels.  And I know you car aficionados will gasp with horror when I say it, but if I could drop a newer, more fuel-efficient transmission into one of those babies, you bet your butt I'd do it, and drive it loud and proud.  They just don't make cars as pretty as that anymore.

This one's not a '63, but I definitely wouldn't turn up my nose at it if someone handed one to me.  Would you?

There was also a pretty awesome old fire engine there, which I thought was cool.  I love anything from the 20's up to the 60's.  After that, while I might think it's a pretty car, I lose interest.  I also have a thing for European styles:

This is an Austin Healey 3000 Mark III, and I totally need to make friends with someone who has a car like this so I can ride around in it, just once, and feel like an international super-spy.

Maybe one of my favorite things about old cars is that they put a story in my head.  For instance, there was this one, a 1963 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.  The owner had helpfully added all the accessories that made it an instant story for me.  Can you imagine a character who'd drive one of these, complete with surfboard, cooler, and picnic basket for a day at the beach?  Fell in love instantly, and started forming storylines.

I often look at the cars made today, and wonder which of them have lines iconic enough to become future classics.  Which do you like?

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