Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I've had a little lesson in the importance of goals this week.  As you probably know, I'm working on FIRE, Book Four in The Elemental Series, this year.  Each day I write one page, minimum, regardless of what day it is.

Apparently, that goes for allergy days, too.

I get some pretty hardcore seasonal allergy issues, which can, most of the time, be managed with medication.  A couple weeks most every spring and fall, I'm in misery (they've hit rather early this year, which I hope means I can get them over with).  I consider it a godsend when they don't hit.  This week, however, they're beating me to a pulp.  I know it's allergies and not a full-blown infection of some sort, so all I can do is pop the allergy meds and decongestants and play the waiting game.

On the bright side, I'm getting my writing done.  While it's not Shakespeare, the words are there on the page, and it feels good to have accomplished something, even in this state.  I'll stay on target, and with any luck, I will have this book to my editor by the fall.

So, a little rest, a little writing, and a lot of green tea later, I'm still kicking.  Yay to that.  Not so much to the allergies...but I'm not gonna let them beat me.  Keep writing, fellow authors!

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