Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blog-ety, Blog-ety, Blog

Writers are almost universally introverted.  You have to be, to shut yourself in a room with a computer and spin stories for hours at a time and like it.  I can count on one hand the number of authors who've told me, "Yeah, I love getting out and talking in front of people and marketing my books!"  There are some who do.  I am not one of them.

I do, however, love guest blogging.  This year, I am doing a series of guest blogs for various authors who have graciously invited me to come and talk about my books or my personal take on writing, among other things.  (If you want to see where I will be next, check out my Upcoming Events on my website's main page.)  The authors have asked some crazy-cool and insightful questions, and I hope you'll enjoy reading my answers.

I've also opened my blog to guest authors.  If you're a writer (not necessarily of romance only) and you would like to be featured, e-mail me for a guest spot!  I would love to meet you and share your work with my readers.

Carry on, everyone!  Hope you're staying warm.

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