Monday, May 12, 2014

Write, Revise, Scramble!

With AIR finished, I'm deep in drafting and edits on a manuscript for The Wild Rose Press's Lobster Cove series.  What's Lobster Cove?  Here's the answer, in The Wild Rose Press's own words:

Lobster Cove is a fictional small town on the coast of Maine, near Bar Harbor. It is quaint and quirky with a colorful history, a friendly population of charming residents, and a vibrant tourist business. It is home to research scientists and small shop owners, grumpy cops and sassy chefs. Back in the day, it was a bustling fishing town and home to many immigrants, from both the state cabins and the lowest decks.

When Rhonda first brought up this idea at a CNYRW meeting in April, I was (no pun intended) hooked at once.  It sounded like such a fun new challenge, to write a story that would dovetail with the stories by other authors working on the series.

It has lived up to that first impression!  Through plot changes and revisions, this book has reminded me why I began to write in the first place: for fun!  Even though my deadline is looming, I'm as excited about the story as I was when I first heard about the concept of Lobster Cove.  I can't wait to get it into the hands of my editor, and then (I hope) to share it with all of you!

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