Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Girl is on FIRE

Now that I've finished AIR and my tentatively-titled Lobster Cove book, HEAVY NETTING, I'm turning my attentions to the last book in The Elemental Series ... FIRE!
FIRE has been waiting patiently as a synopsis for several years.  Its hero, Ethan Sutter, first appeared in EARTH, had brief mentions in WATER and AIR, and is now happy to be receiving his own book.  Over the course of the past three books in The Elemental Series, I've slipped in bits and pieces of the Hope Creek foster children's mysterious past - the event that caused their Elemental powers.  In this book, I promise to reveal at last What Happened.  I can't wait to write the story, and I hope you can't wait to read it!  Ethan is nothing if not a pistol, and it promises to be an exciting book.  Wish me luck (and speed) on the writing!

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