Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I Resolve To ...

So, here we are with the New Year well underway.  I don't generally make much more specific a resolution than "get a book out the door."  With a "day job" and being a wife and mother included into the bargain, that's pretty hefty.  My set minimum at this point is a page per day.  That may not seem like much, but that's the point.  I can go over as much as I want, but I have to at least spit out one page of words.  Daily.  That, for me, can be a stretch, but it’s not impossible.

The reason people don't keep their resolutions is that they are too big and too amorphous to seem achievable.  For authors, a nebulous "get a book out the door" can be a big old "Kick Me" sign for writer's block.  If, however, we are to chop up that resolution into smaller bits, it becomes something of a daily finish line.  One page isn't much.  This blog post amounts to approximately one page, for example.  One page a day, over the course of thirty days, is an average of 7500 words!

See?  Not so hard, is it?  My personal difficulty is shutting off my internal editor so that I can get the words onto the page in the first place.  As Nora Roberts says, you can fix a bad page, but not a blank one.  If I’m going to get that raw material to work with, I need to learn to spit the words out.  I intend to work on that over the course of the year.  One page at a time.

Good luck with your own resolutions!

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