Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013: Superheroes!

This year, my son picked the theme for our Christmas tree: Superheroes!  To do this tree, we had to buy a new, silver tree skirt and several superhero ornaments.  We still didn't have a lot, so we filled in with colored plastic balls we already had in our Christmas ornament collections.  I also purchased a couple of rolls of ribbon.  My son chose the places for the majority of the ornaments.


The fun of doing this tree was coming up with the topper. I knew it had to be a Bat-Signal, and finally came up with a cardboard hatbox, painted black, with a cutout of the bat-symbol in front, backed with cellophane. Inside is a yellow LED bulb, and the inside of the box is lined with aluminum foil to help bounce the light around. It is electrical-safe, because none of the electrical components touch metal or come in contact with the cardboard, and LED bulbs don't burn hot the way incandescent bulbs do. It's simply an accessory cord like you would use to light up a Christmas village house, and the little incandescent bulb was replaced with a yellow LED one. Feel free to imitate for your own superhero-lover. My son loves it!

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