Saturday, July 06, 2013

Heat and Rain and Thunderstorms, Oh My!

Every summer, it seems like Mother Nature throws everything she has at us. This year, it's rain, flooding, and those terrible wildfires out west.

I'd like to remind everyone to be watchful of pets, kids, and the elderly in this heat. My older dog is drooping, and I've been working to keep her cool and hydrated, as she doesn't seem to tolerate the high temperatures the way she used to. If your pets are doing the same, it may be a good idea to give them a cool (not cold) bath to bring down their temperatures. My younger dog enjoys ice chips and cubes. You might also want to get your pets (or humans, for that matter) out into an air-conditioned environment for a while.

My dog's a bit better this morning than she was yesterday, so it's a matter of keeping an eye on her. Do the same for your pets and family, and try to stay cool, yourself. This heat's gotta break soon!

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