Monday, September 24, 2012

Juuuust Right!

Fate gets a bad rap sometimes, from folks who don't believe in it, and sometimes even from myself. For example, I recently had a two-week streak of rotten luck that left me wishing for the following Sunday. However, this past week, I'd have to say my luck turned around. I got a new car (a Honda Civic, which I adore), and my family got a new dog.

We had been talking about a second dog here and there, and one day we came across one that we loved. Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for the dog), he got adopted just before we arrived to adopt him. Then we saw a dog at a local shelter that we wanted, but she, too, was adopted. Rotten luck, like I said.

Then, my husband discovered a few pups on Petfinder, of the same breed as the first dog we'd seen. Turns out, she's exactly what our family needed. Macey is smart, obedient, housetrained, and a great companion for us, as well as our Beagle, who now has a companion while we're away at work. She's an Australian Cattle Dog, and while we had some reservations about keeping this high-energy breed stimulated during our long hours away from the house, it seems Macey is perfectly happy just with twice-a-day walks, runs at the dog park, and learning (fast!) whatever tricks we want to teach her. She's such a sweet girl that I've been entertaining ideas of training her as a therapy dog. So, it seems Macey was fated to be a part of our family after all!

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