Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Houdini Cat (And How I Learned To Lose Gracefully)

It must be because spring's coming. My old cat, Skyler, now age ten ... ish ... has turned spry, and learned new tricks.

We got her from the pound, and she is by far one of the most affectionate cats who's ever owned me. She was always quite the butterball, but she's losing weight now that she's getting older. But with that weight loss, I seem to have gained an escape artist.

She zips outside when we open the door, and forget trying to get her back in until she's good and ready. She gets into cupboards. She gets into grocery bags. And she has figured out how to open our locking baby gate that separates the downstairs from the upstairs. (I think she even snickers at the clueless dog while she does it.)

Short of a lock-and-key system (and I'm pretty sure she'll figure that out, too), there's no keeping Skyler out of where she wants to be. Which is usually right next to me, so I don't have the heart to scold her. Now, I just reach down and scratch her behind the ears, and listen to her purring. And she's still one of the best cats I've ever owned. :)

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