Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hydrofracking Concerns

Hydrofracking has become a growing concern among environmentalists within the past several years. It's the process of extracting natural gas or petroleum from within bedrock by the injection of pressurized fluids. You can read more about it here - Wikipedia on Hydraulic Fracturing or see a video from Fox News here - America's Energy Boom: What Is Fracking?

The concerns about this process range from possible air and water contamination to the influx of industrial traffic to areas that may not be equipped to handle it. There have also been worries about how fracking affects the stability of the bedrock, resulting in earth tremors. That could lead to rupture of the pipes that inject the fluids into the bedrock, or the wells that store the fluid afterward. The fluids used in fracking normally contain mostly water, but chemicals are used also, and the drilling company doesn't have to tell you which ones.

Fracking does not have enough government regulation to adequately protect the environment due to exceptions in the law. There are known cases of pollutants damaging nearby property and groundwater.

If you live in NY State, please tell Governor Cuomo not to allow fracking. New York has vast and beautiful natural areas that may be damaged by this procedure. It's just not worth the risk until more regulation for fracking can be secured. Go to A Million Fracking Letters and use your voice to protect our environment! Thank you!

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