Thursday, September 22, 2011

Would You Like Your Scene With Or Without Music?

So yesterday, I spent six hours editing, and while I recall quite vividly writing this manuscript with music, I realized that editing it with music didn't fly.

That was weird.

I like to write to music, and I often have a soundtrack for each book I write. Music is a wonderful inspiration, especially for an avid moviegoer like myself, who can't imagine a movie without its soundtrack. So it was with some surprise that I realized my fruitless first half hour editing was because the music distracted me. Thus, I turned it off. Voila - three chapters, polished and ready to roll.

I have a large music library at my disposal, but the more I write, the more I realize that as much as a good song can help a scene, a bad one can kill it. I'm a little pickier than I used to be about whether or not to write to music, but still ready and willing to jot down a song that makes me go "Ooh!" (Pandora's great for that, by the way.)

Do you write to music? Do you prefer silence? Some other ritual that gets you into the groove? Every writer is different, and I love hearing what makes other scribblers tick. Let me know!

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