Thursday, September 02, 2010

Go Green, Be Serene

Recently, I redid our front landscape, switching from a plain-lawn foundation with one lonely Dwarf Alberta Spruce, to a properly mulched, planted bed with a variety of flowers and shrubs. I intend to keep up my new, flowery landscape with organic methods. Yesterday, Mother Nature sent me a little thank-you note for my efforts.

I arrived home yesterday afternoon and made a short trip out front to check how my landscaping is holding up during our recent hot weather. Among the plants I put in the bed were two specimens of Lamium maculatum "Shell Pink," commonly referred to as spotted deadnettle. As a ground cover, Lamium seemed to be the answer to the erosion problems I was having, wherein part of my lawn would wash into my driveway during each heavy rain. This little plant, I had learned, was also a good welcome wagon for bees and butterflies.

And so it is. Just as I walked out to look things over yesterday evening, a bumblebee trundled along and visited both plants, dotting each flower carefully before going on his way. So I spent a few minutes of my otherwise hectic day watching him work, and strangely enough, all the noise and craziness of my day drained away just like that. Amazing how your perspective can change when you disconnect from technology and get your hands messy for a while.

Next spring, I have plans to expand my wildlife offerings, and make a little less lawn with a little more flowers. I have learned this summer what most gardeners already know - that it's good for the soul to get outside and play in the dirt. I'll let you know how I progress!

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