Monday, July 26, 2010

Renn Faire Revisited - 2nd Trip 2010 Recap

Must have been the weather. It was PERFECT yesterday for our second trip to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. While we didn't get the Ultimate Parking Spot this time, we did get a great day. We saw a Pirate Show, our toddler went on just about every ride possible, and we caught a showing of Don Juan & Miguel. I bought an ocarina from Fire Om Earth, and I am currently learning how to play it, much to the distress of my family's ears. *grin*

We ate at the tavern, too. I had my first Portabello Mushroom Sandwich, which was pretty good, but their pierogies were to die for! I was supposed to meet a friend there, and we somehow managed to miss each other ALL DAY! She and her family had an awesome time, too.

Oddly enough, now that my middle class noble outfit is complete, I find myself wanting to go backward and revisit my wench outfit (the first outfit I put together for the Renn). I had added some pirate trappings to it, but I think next year I'll just wear that, rather than the blue. I wasn't afraid to get it dirty, for one thing. The grass was still wet in most places from all the torrential rains we've been getting. It's nice to change things up, anyway. Yarrgh!

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