Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Renn Faire Recap

I worried all week that the weather would not cooperate, but magically, Saturday morning dawned cool and clear. It takes a good hour to get dressed up, start to finish, for the whole family. By then we just stopped and got something quick to eat. We arrived at Sterling, NY about a half hour early, but they were doing a skit at the gate, so everyone was well-entertained.

Lots of new things to see this year. The joust is bigger and better, there are new merchants and entertainment, and new pubs and seating. I'm excited to see all the additions. The little peanut didn't have much attention span to sit down for anything but the glass blower, but we did enjoy some of Don Juan and Miguel's show. I was really disappointed that we missed Hey Nunnie Nunnie, as they're a new favorite. We had to move at the toddler's speed. :P He did get to go on the Carosello (sort of like the Flying Chairs at the State Fair, but manpowered), and we both rode the Dragon, which was a (miniature--yes, dragon-shaped) version of the Pirate ride at the State Fair, again, manpowered. He also won a prize at the Mud Ball Toss. He was thrilled about that. :D

We skipped the turkey leg this year (sigh) in favor of chicken tenders and fries, which were more toddler-friendly and easier to clean up after. We did get our apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream, though, and it's just as good as it always is. There are more food options this year, too, which was nice. I missed the lovely wine slushie, but did get a taste of the red and white varieties available (red's better, if you wondered).

Peanut's stamina wore down after about four hours, so we called it a day after that and came home. It has taken us twenty years or so, but we finally got the Best Parking Spot Ever underneath a tree. Car was not roasting at all. Woot!

Best part of the Renn this year, for me, was seeing all the new artisans. Hubby, of course, liked the joust and swordsmith. The peanut liked "The knights!" And I think we all enjoyed getting home after all that. Another great year at the Renn! This is me in our yard, pre-trip:

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