Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cell Phone Geekiness

I am usually the last one to get a new techno-gadget, with the exception of my beloved netbook. (Yes, I talk to him, and yes, it's a him. :P) So it was with great surprise that I found myself staying up late last night to play with my new cell phone.

I lost the old one a while back, and it's a mark of how much I dislike phones to say that it took me a couple months to get a new one. This one's only a prepaid model, as before, but it's a little bit more bells-and-whistles than the old one. A camera, for instance. Even a crummy camera with crummy resolution is an upgrade to my old paperweight of a phone.

I promptly took photos for wallpaper, and then went searching for ringtones. I found a fabulous website,, where you can find ringtones as well as create your own out of any MP3 file. You can then download it via USB cable, or send it right to your phone wirelessly by plugging in your number. It only costs a couple bucks to do, and I found it to be great fun. Not hard at all, and I am a greenhorn about this sort of thing.

So. It ain't a Blackberry, it ain't an LG, but it will allow me to make and receive emergency calls, which is all I ever wanted out of a cell phone. And with cool music clips, too. Sweet!

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  1. Love my new phone too - first in five years (it's a touch screen!! So exciting)
    And my partner found this site with ring tones etc and it's all free, have a peek :)