Friday, December 04, 2009

MWA Cuts Harlequin

Following on the heels of RWA's removal of Harlequin from its list of approved publishers, the Mystery Writers of America has done the same in a unanimous Board vote conducted this week. MWA members may no longer use Harlequin-published books as the basis for their "published" status. This is another blow for the romance writing industry's biggest hitter. After a media frenzy regarding the launch of Harlequin's self-publishing arm, Harlequin Horizons, Harlequin quickly changed the arm's name to DellArte Press - but it's still Harlequin under the new suit. It remains to be seen what happens to Harlequin's status with MWA and RWA going forward. GalleyCat has the full scoop.

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