Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Little Ingenuity

Every once in a while, I surprise myself with a stupidly simple solution to a problem.

As I finished stringing the last bit of lights on our Christmas tree this year, I discovered half the strand was out - at the top. So the top two feet of our tree was unlit. Curses! And, since I was already all done with it, I didn't want to take them all off, so a quick trip to the craft store yielded a bunch of fake poinsettia which I jammed in at the top. Our angel now looks like she's sitting on a cloud of poinsettia!

Hubby observed that the top still looks a bit dark, so next year I will buy a new strand of lights and intersperse them among the flowers. Assuming we do a country-folk art tree next year. Hubby is talking about wanting a huntin' tree - even though he fishes rather than hunts. Complete with those shotgun-shell light strings. Well, I guess I can't hog all the fun. I give you the 2009 Tree:

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