Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hee Hee, Guess Where I'm Blogging From?

(Yes, I know that isn't grammatically correct.)

I'm in my living room - which is far away from my desktop computer upstairs. Yep, I got my netbook. Yay! I can now go anywhere I want in my house and connect to the 'Net, as well as write whenever I get the urge to do so. While I will fondly remember my Dana, I have happily moved on to a Gateway Intel Atom N270. Jargon for Really Nice Little Guy That Is Fast Becoming My Versatile Writing Pal. It has shorter battery life than advertised, though it was more than enough to get me through my day. I sacrified some battery life (was looking at a Toshiba netbook) for the nicer keypad of this little fella, but so far I am quite enjoying it. I have small hands, so the scaled-down keyboard isn't much of a problem, after a short learning curve. This model has Windows 7 Starter, which is a watered-down Windows platform that doesn't allow pretty desktop wallpapers and whatnot, as well as a few other things it can't do which I haven't cared about so far, since this is only a writing and research machine - so it's been perfect thus far. I can get on the Intenet, write, and use Pandora. Very Happy Indeed.

So, in closing, I will do the happy dance and thank my Awesome Husband, who got this critter for me. Much love to you, hubby, for increasing my writing productivity. Woot!

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