Sunday, September 13, 2009

Need Exercise? Get Reel

Our siding is finished. It looks beautiful - but our yard was a different story yesterday. With trucks and our cars parking on it all week, it looked like a trampled hayfield. Last night, my husband mowed the front yard with the gas mower, while I tackled the backyard with the reel mower. Keep in mind, I am currently wrestling fall allergies.

If you want to sweat buckets even when you feel fine, try using a reel mower. You gotta push hard in spots, unless your lawn is perfectly flat. Then add that you already feel yucky because your throat is sore and your ears are stuffy. I got the yard done, but I felt like I had just survived an hour on a Stairmaster. Ugh. Good for the environment, those reel mowers. Heck on your body when you're already feeling icky.

Lawn looks better though! On to the next project. :)

8:21 AM EDIT: Check out this news item on E-Readers: Suddenly, Earth-Friendly E-Readers Are Everywhere

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