Thursday, September 10, 2009

Greenwood: 6; Shrub: 5

Day two of residing has gone swimmingly. The house is beginning to look like I imagined it would when we moved in several years ago.

That includes pulling out the overgrown landscaping in the front. I kid you not: the day we closed on the house, I was out there with hedge clippers, taking down the rhododendron that was slowly devouring our front window.

Tonight, it was my husband and I versus the barberry and juniper shrubs. The barberry bushes came out easily, but that dang juniper just didn't want to accept its eviction notice. We dug at it. No success. We pulled at it with rachet straps and hubby's car. Darn thing actually snapped the rachet straps ... three times. Then it snapped the handle on the shovel.

After that, we gave up and got the reciprocating saw.

Holy cow, this thing was stubborn. Four-inch trunk, going straight down. You should have seen the happy dance we did when we got it out. Ha! I think if hubby had a football at the time, he would have spiked it on the dirt patch the thing left when we hauled it out.

I'm already making plans for some soft grasses and low-growing plants for the front landscaping. It'll have to wait for spring, but that will give me something fun to think about for the winter months. It's going to be so nice to start fresh, with new plants! I can't wait to design it.

For now, though, I'm just going to be glad I don't get stabbed by those barberry bushes every time I try to weed. :)

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