Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wednesday Wit

A couple of laughs for you today, one toddler-related, and one writing-related:

Smart Boy

I was having a talk with my toddler earlier this week about ages. Lately, he wants to know how old all our family members and friends are. I went through the list one by one with him, including my own age (hint: it's between 30 and 40). About ten minutes later, he asked me again how old I am. Hoping to reinforce his memory, I answered, "I just told you, honey. How old am I?"

Without missing a beat, he said, "Twenty-one."

C'mon, how do you correct that without wanting to give your kid cookies? :-D

Rejection Ditty (to the tune of that Queen song)

Da, da, da
Another book bites the dust
Da, da, da
Another book bites the dust
And another "No" mailed, and another "No" mailed
Another book bites the dust
Hey, they'll reject you too
Another book bites the dust ...

(I'm considering writing the whole thing out, and singing it whenever I get one of those form rejections.)

Happy Wednesday, all! :)

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