Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hanging On Every Word

I've decided I am on the fence about word count meters. Things being as they are (i.e. a day job, half-hour lunch, maybe an hour free in the evenings to write due to obligations with family, and I re-read before I write that day), I sometimes get zilch done for writing in a day. Other days I can crank out several pages (though never my goal of a whole chapter in one day).

As it stands, I'm about 13% done with WATER. Wow. There goes my eagerness. I don't think I want to see that anti-motivator in pictorial grandeur every day. I submit Exhibit A:

Word Count: WATER
9040 / 70000

C'mon, that looks pathetic. Around 80% complete, it might look a little friendlier, eh? This sort of makes me feel like those writers who got paid by the word back in the day. I could write "the" and get paid. Heck, I could write "a" and get paid!

I can see why these can be helpful, or at least nag you like a silent but insistent reminder to write--but in the early stages they seem a little disheartening. I might give it a shot at some point though--post it here for y'all to see.

Maybe when I get to 80%. :)

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