Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ooh, It's Wednesday, Isn't It?

How'd that happen? LOL

Time management is a problem for many of us writers. You know you need to get yourself in front of the computer every day, but when are you going to squeeze it in?

The answer is, make time. You're a writer, and writing is your job. If you skipped work a lot, you'd get fired, right? So definitely block out at least half an hour daily where you tell the family (or friends, or roommates) that nothing but blood or fire is to interrupt you. If you want to be a serious writer, writing's got to be a priority.

I have a half-hour lunch at my day job, and strangely enough, I find I get a lot more done in that half-hour (or less, when you consider taking time to prepare and eat food too), than when I have an entire day to write. That little bit of pressure sometimes encourages me to focus better. There are days when I write only one sentence, but there are days too when I can get several pages in. (Remember that I am the type who can't shut off her internal editor and "puke out" a chapter. I have to edit as I go.)

In short, be aware that you need to treat writing like a job, even if you are your own employer in this case. That means consistent effort. After all, you can't get pubbed if you don't write anything and get to The End!

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