Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Saw Orlando Bloom Today!

(Sort of.)

Let me explain that. At my "day job" (you know, the one I have to do, and then I go home and do the one I want to do, which is write), I see lots of people. A girl came in today and one of my coworkers was assisting her, so I turned away to answer the phone. When I looked back, there was a guy with the customer, wearing a hat.

Double take. Another double take. Try not to stare. Holy &%$*, what's Orlando Bloom doing here? Look again. OMG. This guy was the closest thing you can get to Orlando Bloom without actually being Orlando Bloom. And not washed-out, blond-haired Legolas Orlando Bloom. We're talking full-on, curly dark-haired, short ponytail, incredibly cute "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Orlando Bloom. I half expected him to be wearing a bandanna and black pirate shirt instead of a cap and tank top. I'm not particularly crazy about Orlando--Hugh Jackman being more my cup of tea--but wow. That was some doppelganger.

That was the bright spot in my day. Now, Fate, if you're listening: about Hugh Jackman....

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