Wednesday, November 05, 2008

EARTH Completed and Submitted!

Good grief, time does fly. It's Wednesday again, and I blinked and (almost) missed it.

I have finished the manuscript for EARTH and sent that in to The Wild Rose Press for consideration in their light paranormal line, Faery Rose. I should hear back from that quite soon, and I'm waiting with bated breath!

Meanwhile, my agent has the final draft of GEMINI and will be contacting me by the end of the week with her thoughts, as well as (I hope) a plan of action for submitting it to the editors in New York.

I have a couple of author manuscripts on my desk at the moment for The Wild Rose Press too. And since I don't feel productive unless I am running around at mach two, I am also writing feverishly to try and make a year-long goal of finishing another of my own manuscripts. That may not happen, realistically, but it seems like I get more done when I feel I'm under the gun. So I should probably go write.

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