Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Joys of High Speed

Hee! Why am I so excited tonight? I've got RoadRunner! Yes, our household finally broke down and got RoadRunner, which I haven't had in around ten years. Hubby wants to look into getting his Masters degree, and he'll need to do it online - so it makes sense to have high-speed Internet.

As always, there is a downside.

The connection runs through my office computer, which, of course, is the one I use to write when I am not using my Alphasmart Dana. This means that yes, I can check a fact quickly without running to our other computer which had been hooked up to dial-up, then waiting for it to boot up, then getting my info, then coming back to my office computer to write. I now have to resist the multitude of Other Interesting Activities and plant my butt in the seat to write - really write.

This is me going. (Hee!)

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