Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Hero's Journey #1

This month, I will discuss a few of the major points in a hero’s journey. These are the things that make a great hero great. While I address the hero in your novel, these things can also be applied to the heroine.

Creating a Hero - Make Him Fallible

Nobody likes Mr. Perfect. Your readers will want to read about someone who is flawed, human, and therefore, approachable. This is what the editors mean when they call a character “sympathetic.” He inspires us to care or identify with him in some way.

When your hero starts upon a journey that will forever change him, he needs to begin with a serious flaw that in some way impedes his ability to connect with your heroine. For maximum conflict, this flaw may contrast directly with your heroine’s goals and/or ideals. A hero with a flaw has the room to grow and change over the course of your novel. Your reader will keep reading to see if, and how, he overcomes his flaws.

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