Thursday, January 31, 2008

Websites and Writing: Here I Am, World!

So. You're on the web. Now what? Well, you could promote yourself. Visit other authors' websites, and share the love. Post a polite comment on their blogs or message boards with your website attached in the signature (be sure you aren't just spamming and you really do like that author - mind your manners, as Mom used to say). Reciprocate by inviting them to do the same on your blog or message board. Announce a website launch to your friends, your family, your neighbor, etc. Distribute business cards with your web address on them (especially useful at conferences). In this industry, self-promo is often the only promo an author gets. Break out that elbow grease and pitch yourself!

Also, submit your website to search engines. There are some services that do it for you, but for a little extra legwork, you could find the names of the most popular search engines, and submit your site yourself. Start with Google and work your way down. Welcome to the web, fellow writer!

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