Saturday, October 20, 2007

Old Friends (and Some New Ones)

An old friend from GA came to town this week. She used to live here, but hasn't been back in five years. A bunch of us got together for a bonfire, a couple dozen or so assorted people and our kids. Some of these people I've known for years, and some I just met last night. And it was like old times, only better. I guess you don't realize how much you miss something until you come back to it years later. We all recalled some old standing jokes, or places we've been, but now we had new stories to add. It was good to see them all, and I wonder where the hell I've been hiding myself for the past whatever years. Note to self: make time for those guys. Besides, they've got dirt on me I've forgotten about. :)


  1. Great work on your blog! I love the header!! You're so creative. How do you do it, cuz blogger doesn't have anything that nice!

    Oh, and I read your post about the furnace.... What a bunch of losers!!! You pay for a service contract for a reason. Ugh!!!

  2. Hey, Nicole, remind your friends that you have dirt on them, too. Glad to hear you've come full circle. Life's full of them.
    Give Michael a hug and kiss for me. See you soon.