Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Do or do not. There is no try.

Yep, I'm just geeky enough to quote Yoda. Yesterday was suckariffic. I was out of work from my day job the previous day, due to a stomach bug the generous little peanut shared with the whole family (awww, he's learning to share already). So I came back to a mountain of work on my desk because, let's just face it. Unless you've been doing my job for several years, it's impossible to get into a rhythm that will get you through a Monday workload by the end of the day. (Which is why I try never to take a Monday off unless I'm half dead, which I was.) I also have a lingering cold, with its associated stuffiness and incessant use of tissues. Why haven't they invented a way to take your nose off and hang it up until you're done with a cold? Jeez, they invented everything else. :-P In addition, my ride fell through for the NJ Conference, so I had a little moment of panic, but we survived. I think I have a Plan B on that. Always have a Plan B, let this be a lesson.

But guess what? I wrote yesterday. Not much, and not that great, but dammit, I wrote something even on the crappiest day. Rockin'.

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