Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

If you ever want to know how far your writing has come, pick up one of your early works. I did that yesterday. One word.


I honestly couldn't read at least half of it. Head-hopping, useless dialogue, cheesy action. Now, really. Do you need a whole conversation on who's going to do the grocery shopping?

The upside to this is, I can be proud of how improved my writing has become in the years since writing that book. I flatter myself to think what I write now is actually readable.

I love the characters in that story to death, but if it's ever to see the light of day, it'll need SERIOUS reworking. If you're starting to think your writing is bad, reading old stuff will make you feel a whole lot better. Trust me!

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  1. Boy do I get that. It really does put things in perspective when you go back to the old things you wrote. Good luck on the contest you entered. For some reason I thought it wasn't until later. Sorry I was so late in getting my feedback back to you. But you're awesome. I'm sure it will do great. And hang in there on the writer's block. We all go through it at one time or another.