Monday, April 23, 2007

Babies = Hilarious

So, this weekend was gorgeous. Got outside, got some exercise, etc, etc .... Great weekend!

Last night, though, my little one was in a very cranky mood. He's four months old, and doing the math, I am guessing he's starting to teethe. No sleeping through the night anymore for this little guy! UGH.

Anyway, he was crying and crying, and I'd already put his bottle on to warm, and Papa was holding him and trying desperately to stop our normally angelic boy's fit of hysteria. Well, I went into the living room holding his bottle, and when I got round the doorway with it, our screaming, crying little man went from scrunched-up, red, teary face to big grin in a split second. He didn't even see Mommy - just that bottle, and the look on his face said, "Yes! They can be trained! Hooray!" Hubby and I started laughing fit to explode.

Yep. We know where we rate with our little guy. Man, why don't I write Mommy lit?

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